Bulk Material Handling Industries & Applications

The leader in bulk material handling equipment

Sweet Manufacturing Company provides quality solutions to those in the Agricultural and Industrial sectors. With a focus extensively on bulk material handling equipment, all of our equipment is constructed using only premium components, G140 galvanized U.S. prime steel, proudly made in the USA, and the home of “The Quality Line.”




Bulk Material Handling Industries & Applications

Providing Quality Equipment Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Sweet Manufacturing is a company that provides high-quality material handling equipment. With its commitment to producing USA-made products, exceptional customer service, and continuous innovation, Sweet Manufacturing has become a highly respected name in the industry. Whether you need a bucket elevator, drag conveyor, support structures, or any other equipment for handling bulk materials, Sweet Manufacturing has the quality equipment solutions tailored to your industry needs.

Quality Material Handling Solutions That Transcend Borders and Industries

Sweet’s quality reputation crosses borders, industries, and generations as our bulk material handling equipment has provided tremendous value, rugged handling and reliability. Our reputation for customer service is second to none.

Industrial Applications


No matter the types of bulk material or the size of your material handling operation, Sweet Manufacturing can produce the right bulk material handling system to meet your specific needs. We have supplied industries around the globe with bucket elevators, conveyors, bin gates, service platforms or support systems for cement, sand, aggregate, fertilizer, coal, and wood chips, to mention a few.


Sweet Manufacturing has set the standard for high-quality, reliable bulk material handling equipment. Whether you’re an ethanol production, feed mill, flour mill or an individual storage farm facility, Sweet Manufacturing has bulk material handling solutions for your production process, including conveying systems, bucket elevators, service platforms, and support structures with unmatched levels of value-added service.

Agricultural Applications

Our Process

Providing Material Handling Solutions Designed For You



Submit an online request or call, and our Sales Representatives will connect you with an Authorized Sweet Dealer in your area. During the inquiry phase, we will provide estimated lead times.

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We work closely with our dealers to gather more information regarding the request & tailor a solution to meet your needs. During the quoting phase, we will provide an itemized quote, payment terms, and approval drawings upon request.


Your order will be processed once we receive your purchase order or signed estimate. After this process, if you require assistance to set up your equipment, our Authorized Sweet Dealer will work with you to coordinate installation.

“We choose Sweet because they focus on delivering quality products and are dedicated to supporting their customers. They are a very responsible company that meets our deadlines, along with our expectations in quality and customer service. Additionally, their staff works to improve our capacities and our volumes regarding our systems to make them better.”

Jose Enrique Hernandez
SESEYA & UCAY Cooperative | Mexico