Bucket Elevators

Elevate Your Bulk Handling with Our world-renowned Bucket Elevators

Sweet Manufacturing, is your trusted provider of high-quality bucket elevators designed to meet your bulk material handling needs.

With quality craftsmanship, premium components, and top-grade galvanized G140 U.S. prime steel construction, our bucket elevators are the ideal solution for industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, chemical, food, wood products, minerals, and more.


Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators

Elevator Buckets
Bucket Elevators: An Integral Part of the Process

Premium Quality Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevators play a vital role in efficiently moving bulk materials. They are widely used in various industries due to their reliability and effectiveness. At Sweet Manufacturing, we offer exceptionally designed and constructed bucket elevators that prioritize safety, ease of installation, and longevity. Our equipment is constructed using G140 U.S. Prime Galvanized Steel and premium components, significantly enhancing its performance life compared to others in the market.

Our extensive range of models and capacities, with options up to 55,000 BPH (1,397 MTPH), ensures that our equipment can handle even the largest jobs with ease. Whatever your bulk material handling requirements may be, we have a bucket elevator solution tailored to meet your specific needs.

Elevating Your Business with the Right Equipment

We understand that having the right equipment for the job is critical to elevating your level of business efficiency and your overall ROI. That’s why Sweet Manufacturing has developed the Silver-Sweet® galvanized bucket elevators and our high volume Titan Series of Bucket Elevators.

Built to Last constructed using G140 U.S. prime galvanized steel, available in stainless steel
Heavy-Gauge Trunking provides structural support at all discharge heights
Lockseam Casing provides a weathertight seal and comes standard, bolted construction optional
Sweetheart™ Steel buckets or High-Density Polyethylene or Injection Molded Nylon and/or Polyurethane Buckets Available
Contoured Head directs product towards discharge, reduces back-legging and wear
Quick-Latch inspection doors hinged on both sides permit easy access to elevator

Providing Material Handling Solutions Designed For You

With Sweet Manufacturing, you can expect superior craftsmanship, durability, and performance in all our bucket elevator products. Our equipment is engineered to exact strength requirements, and we offer options such as rubber belting, heavy-gauge trunking, and contoured heads to suit your specific needs.

Industrial Bucket Elevators

Industrial Bucket Elevators

Our Sweet® Centrifugal Discharge and Continuous Discharge Elevators feature fully spaced buckets to accommodate larger particle sizes. These bucket elevators come standard with head, intermediate trunking, inspection, and boot sections and feature a G140 U.S. Prime galvanized steel construction and multiple options for your bucket elevator needs.

Silver-Sweet® QL Series Bucket Elevators

Designed to convey bulk materials vertically. With capacities ranging from 400 to 11,925 BPH, our QL Series Bucket Elevators introduce an optimized and efficient design that enhances all features across the board when compared to our legacy line. Our new design emphasizes a G140 U.S. prime steel construction, head and boot lip seals standard, bigger, heavier-duty access doors, which enhances equipment lifespan, serviceability, and reduces assembly time.

Silver-Sweet® Series Bucket Elevators
Enclosed Belt Conveyors

Sweetheart™ Elevator Buckets

Not all elevator buckets are created equal. Sweetheart™ elevator buckets have greater cubic inch capacities than plastic buckets of similar size, and boast higher tapered ends to minimize spillage of free flowing bulk materials. Outstanding design permits nesting for ease of handling, shipping, storage, and installation. Stainless steel and serrated digger buckets are also available.

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Providing Material Handling Solutions Designed For You



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“We choose Sweet because they focus on delivering quality products and are dedicated to supporting their customers. They are a very responsible company that meets our deadlines, along with our expectations in quality and customer service. Additionally, their staff works to improve our capacities and our volumes regarding our systems to make them better.”

Jose Enrique Hernandez
SESEYA & UCAY Cooperative | Mexico