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Put Our CalorMatic® Heat Processor to the Test

Here at Sweet Manufacturing, we believe in giving our customers peace of mind before purchasing our CalorMatic® Machines. Therefore, we invite you to submit your materials for testing.

We will test your samples at our CalorMatic® Test Site and send samples to a third-party lab to ensure accurate results for each test conducted, put your products to the test!


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CalorMatic® Heat Processors

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Our CalorMatic® Test Site consists of our quality CalorMatic® Cardinal II, which feeds into our Low-Profile Flite-Veyor®.

Among the properties that can be tested at the CalorMatic® Test Site are NIR/Wet Chemistry packages, Mold and Mycotoxins packages, Wet Chemistry Analysis packages, Material and Supplemental Analysis packages.

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Confirming Test Results

After the product is processed by our CalorMatic® Heat Processor, we send samples to a third-party lab to conduct independent tests on the final product results. The following are different elements for which the lab can test:

Moisture Content




Relative Feed Value

Feed Value

Many Other Tests Are Available to Run

Many Other Tests Are Available to Run

PLEASE NOTE: Participants must specify what results they are seeking before agreeing to test their product. This ensures that we schedule the correct analytical package from our third party lab.

The third-party lab shares lab results with Sweet Manufacturing, who will in return send the results to the customer after receiving an initial interpretation of the results from professionals. Sweet Manufacturing Company only publishes results if participants give permission.

Sweet Manufacturing Company will send all cost details on a quote for the participant to approve.

Please call to discuss shipping method before sending to: 2000 East Leffel Lane, Springfield, Ohio 45505 USA

Test Submission Process

Participants interested in submitting materials for testing at our new CalorMatic® Test Site must fill out the “Request Your Test” form at the top of the page. Once participants fill out the form with the information requested, our CalorMatic® Product Manager will contact you to gather more information on your inquiry.

After a brief discussion, our sales associate will confirm whether your items are appropriate for testing and if there are any obstacles that might exist in processing it through our test site.

If the product is a candidate for testing:

Consultation & Recommendations

Consultation & Recommendations

Our product technician and sales representative will conduct multiple tests runs using various parameters and retention times. The samples gathered during the test runs will allow us understand what settings are necessary to deliver the results you desire while maintaining heat efficiency. Test results are validated using a 3rd party lab and can be purchased with the test package.  Likewise, customers are open to perform their own test without using our 3rd party services.

Processing & Evalutation

Once the sample product arrives at our facility for testing, we evaluate the product and start processing it using our CalorMatic® Heat Processor test site. Customers are welcome to attend the test process and experience the process.

Processing & Evaluation
Record & Share Test Results

Record & Share Test Results

While processing the product, the CalorMatic® Product Manager, or Service Technician will record the parameters and settings used on your product and share this information with you after the test and lab results are back from our third-party lab.

Quality Assurance & Documentation

Utilizing our own internal team of videographers we film the entire process of the test conducted and provide footage to customers upon request. All test sessions are filmed and documented for quality assurance and document the performance of the test.

Quality Assurance & Documentation
Feel Confident Investing in a Sweet Manufacturing CalorMatic® Heat Processor

Feel Confident Investing in a Sweet Manufacturing CalorMatic® Heat Processor

With CalorMatic® Heat Processors you can feel confident knowing your operation can now process many products, from animal feed and waste items to biomass products and a range of grain matter.

The sheer versatility and low maintenance of CalorMatic® Heat Processors means your equipment will be sufficient to handle a plethora of future applications and the investment will pay dividends for years to come.

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“I’m a system manager/owner and would definitely recommend anyone in the material or commodity handling business to use Sweet® equipment. Come harvest time when everybody needs us to be at our best, we are, and it’s mostly because of Sweet® equipment. Our legs are never failing us as long as we keep up on routine maintenance. Sweet® is always there for us and keeps things moving when we need it to.”

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