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State-of-the-art CalorMatic® Heat Processors from Sweet Manufacturing are built for consistent performance and versatility, while delivering outstanding return on investment.

We invite you to submit materials for testing to provide you peace of mind before purchasing a quality CalorMatic® Heat Processor. Your test results are in!


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A CalorMatic® Heat Processor uses a fluidized air bed to dry, roast, toast, bake, sterilize, and remove moisture from a full range of free-flowing materials.

Our test results prove that excellent results can be achieved across a wide range of products and commodities with the CalorMatic® Heat Processor.


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“I’m a system manager/owner and would definitely recommend anyone in the material or commodity handling business to use Sweet® equipment. Come harvest time when everybody needs us to be at our best, we are, and it’s mostly because of Sweet® equipment. Our legs are never failing us as long as we keep up on routine maintenance. Sweet® is always there for us and keeps things moving when we need it to.”

Eric Simmons
Simmons Grain Co. | Salem, OH