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The Sweet Story: Quality Material Handling Solutions and Industry-Best Customer service

Sweet Manufacturing Company has been producing quality Material Handling Equipment (MHE) that requires minimal maintenance for industrial and agricultural uses to customers in the U.S. and internationally, while providing industry-best customer service since 1955.

Dedicated to Innovation and Change Right From the Beginning

While many stories begin with “once upon a time,” this “sweet” story begins in 1955 when recent OSU graduate W. Dean Sweet assembled a team of associates and family members to found Sweet Manufacturing Company.

From the very beginning, Sweet Manufacturing has been dedicated to innovation and change in the industrial and agricultural bulk material handling equipment and design industry. We are still “family-oriented” with dedicated employees and long standing industry relationships with partner-clients whose valuable feedback and ever-changing manufacturing and bulk materials handling needs propel us toward continued innovation.

A Brief Summary of the Sweet Manufacturing Story

Air Plane Hanger Before Sweet

November 1, 1955 — W. Dean Sweet Founded Sweet Manufacturing Company

At the age of 27, recently married, with a terminally ill father, W. Dean Sweet founded Sweet Manufacturing Company on November 1, 1955. With three Employees on board, he leased the property of an abandoned airplane hangar and started to build his business.

Alicia Sweet - "Miss Sweet"

Silver-Sweet® & "Miss Sweet"

Development and production of the Sweetheart elevator buckets with fabrication in mild steel and stainless steel. All bucket promotions featured a photo insert of the founder’s daughter, Alicia, as “Miss Sweet.”

Sweet’s first trademark, “Silver-Sweet®“, was granted for use on galvanized and stainless steel bucket elevators.

Introduction of the Silver-Sweet® premium line of galvanized U.S. prime steel Bucket Elevators.

W. Dean Sweet becomes the pioneer of using galvanized steel to produce material handling equipment in the grain industry.

Sweet Regional Distribution Center (RDC) West Point, Nebraska

New Products & Regional Distribution Center

Introduction of new key products and registered trademark, Flite-Veyor® chain conveyors.

Sweet builds and opens their Regional Distribution Center (RDC) in West Point, Nebraska.

Acquisition of the Bonded Machine Company

Acquisition of the Bonded Machine Company

Introduced Goliath® support towers, Silver-Span® conveyor support systems, Silver Grip® multi-purpose steel grating, and a new line of galvanized U.S. prime steel Silver Stairs®, bin peak platform, and spiral bin stairs®.

1985: Acquisition of the Bonded Machine Company, an industrial material handling equipment manufacturer located in Columbus, Ohio since 1934. 21 years of material handling equipment experience added to the Sweet product lines.

Expansion of the Sweet® product lines into the industrial markets including, belt conveyors, industrial bucket elevators and bin gates from Bonded Acquisition.

Alicia Sweet Hupp is named President and Chief Executive Officer.

New President and Chief Executive Officer

The innovative CalorMatic® heat processor is introduced and was developed to dry, roast, cook, bake, and sterilize various products.

Alicia Sweet Hupp is named President and Chief Executive Officer.

Development of a dedicated international department to expand into global markets.

1998 – Sweet Manufacturing received its first Ohio Governor’s Excellence in Exporting Award (“E” Award.)


Investment Into Operations

One Million dollar investment in 20′ fabrication equipment line to produce first ever 20’ intermediate sections for multiple product lines.

Sweet introduces its high-capacity Flite-Veyor® 26 and Flite-Veyor® 33 series chain conveyors.

Goliath® support towers received enhancements and the Goliath® II was introduced.

Major equipment purchases of 175-ton and 135-ton Cincinnati Press Brake, respectively.

2005: Sweet Manufacturing received its second Ohio Governor’s Excellence in Exporting Award (“E” Award.)

2009: Sweet Manufacturing received its third Ohio Governor’s Excellence in Exporting Award (“E” Award.)


Product and Manufacturing Expansion

2010 – Investment in 2500-watt laser substantially reduces equipment manufacturing lead times.

Major equipment purchase of 135T Cincinnati Press Break and Hyd-Mech saw.

Added a loading system tower to our new laser for lights out operation.

Introduction of Flite-Veyor® 12 series flat bottom horizontal chain conveyors.

Industry recognition including “Excellence in Hot-Dip Galvanizing, U.S. Department of Commerce Export Achievement Certificate, and Dayton Business Journal Manufacturing Award for Exporting.”


Sweet Manufacturing Today

Sweet Manufacturing’s quality line of bulk material processing equipment can be found in more than 55 countries covering six continents around the world.

Sweet® equipment is prominent in North, Central, and South America, particularly the United States, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Argentina.

Sweet Manufacturing continues to expand into industrial markets in Eastern Europe and Asia, including Romania and Ukraine.

Sweet continues to make capital investments in production equipment.

2019 – Introduction of the new Enclosed Belt Conveyor.

2020 – Introduction of the new Low Profile Conveyor, and purchased new Iron Worker equipment.

2021 – Purchased Haas Lathe.

2023 – Introduction of the new Silver-Sweet® QL Series Bucket Elevator
Introduction to new branding and in company literature, website, and marketing promotions.
Purchase of the 1020 Techni WaterJet®.

Sweet Manufacturing’s Mission, Values and Goals

Our mission, values and goals are simple and direct, and are central to everything we do.


To provide innovative quality solutions that create an extraordinary customer experience.


To be the world’s first choice provider of material handling solutions.


Be consistent and fair
Act with integrity, honesty and respect
Be responsive to internal and external customer needs
Strive for continuous improvement and excellence
Provide a safe, challenging and rewarding work environment

Be a good teammate and citizen

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