Clam Shell Bin Gates

control product flow with sweet’s heavy-duty bin gates

Sweet Manufacturing’s Bin Gates are the perfect complement to your bulk material handling system. Solid construction provides for long-lasting usability, and with various options to choose from, you are guaranteed the ideal solution for your industry needs.

Bin Gates

Varied Styles And Designs Of Clamshell Gates That Easily Adapt To Your System
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Precision Engineered Bin Gates

At Sweet Manufacturing, we understand the importance of efficient flow control in your material handling operations. That’s why we offer a range of high-quality bin gates designed to regulate the discharge of bulk materials from storage bins, hoppers, and silos. Our bin gates are engineered to provide precise control, reliable performance, and easy operation, ensuring smooth material flow and optimal productivity in your facility.

Advanced Clamshell Gates That Give You A Competitive Edge

Our bin gates are precision engineered to meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications. Whether you’re handling grains, powders, pellets, or other bulk materials, our bin gates offer reliable and consistent performance. Each gate is constructed with attention to detail, utilizing heavy-gauge welded steel plate with angle reinforcements, ensuring durability and long-lasting operation.

Available in Two Models, select between Duplex or Simplex models to meet your operations needs.
Easily Attaches, to hoppers, bins, and chutes.

Heavy Gauge, welded plate steel with angle reinforcements construction for long term reliability.

Pneumatic & Hydraulic, cylinders readily adapted for power applications.
Available in Various Metals, such as stainless Steel and abrasion resistant steel.
Balanced Gate Doors, provide a seamless open/close operation.
Numerous sizes in stock

Learn more about our Bin Gates by downloading our brochure.

Clam Shell Bin Gates BrochureBrochure
Clam Shell Bin Gates Brochure

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“I’ve been around this type of machinery all my life. I knew that when our Sweet® Enclosed Belt Conveyor arrived, the structure was heavily built and well put together. We run approximately 100 tons of product every hour through it. It’s very quiet, and you can tell it’s a low-maintenance piece of equipment. It’s easy to maintain and change parts if anything needs to be swapped, and it’s very accessible to get to. Being a fully enclosed system 80’ in the air, it’s of huge value to anybody moving product, protecting from the weather, sunlight, and wind. It surpassed our expectations, and I think the value is definitely there.”

Jordan Gunter
Gunter Peanut Company | Binger, OK