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Increase Productivity with the CalorMatic® Heat Processor’s Quiet Efficiency

Increase Productivity with the CalorMatic® Heat Processor’s Quiet Efficiency

From animal feed and waste items such as eggshells, oyster shells, manure and bakery waste, to woodchips, rice hulls, and commodity products/grains including soybeans, rice, barley, tapioca, oats, canola, wheat, and corn, the CalorMatic® Heat Processor does it all with quiet efficiency and very low maintenance.

“I’m a system manager/owner and would definitely recommend anyone in the material or commodity handling business to use Sweet® equipment. Come harvest time when everybody needs us to be at our best, we are, and it’s mostly because of Sweet® equipment. Our legs are never failing us as long as we keep up on routine maintenance. Sweet® is always there for us and keeps things moving when we need it to.”

Eric Simmons
Simmons Grain Co. | Salem, OH