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Your efficient operations demand our chain conveyors

Sweet Manufacturing’s Flite-Veyor® Chain Conveyors offer a comprehensive range of material handling solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of industries worldwide.

With both Flat Bottom and Round Bottom options available, our chain conveyors provide reliable performance, exceptional durability, and seamless operation in various applications.


Flat Bottom Chain Conveyors

Round Bottom Chain Conveyors
Maximum Durability With Minimum Maintenance
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Versatility and Reliability

Our Flite-Veyor Chain Conveyors are known for their versatility and reliability. Whether you require gentle handling of delicate products or heavy-duty transport of bulk materials, our chain conveyors deliver efficient and consistent performance. The adaptable design allows for smooth and reliable movement of a wide range of commodities, including grains, seeds, feed, fertilizers, and more.

Key Features for Optimal Performance

At Sweet Manufacturing, we understand that efficiency and productivity are crucial to your operations. That’s why our Flite-Veyor® Chain Conveyors are equipped with key features to enhance performance and ensure seamless material handling:

Built to Last constructed using galvanized G140 U.S. prime steel. Available in stainless steel.
Multiple Bottom Options, choose between our Flat Bottom and Round Bottom configurations to suit your specific application. The Flat Bottom design provides stability and efficient material flow, while the Round Bottom design is ideal for gentle handling and preventing product damage.

Flexible Design, tailor the conveyor to meet your exact needs. From chain type and size to speed control systems and discharge options. Choose from horizontal, incline or low profile models.

Replaceable Flights, our constructed UHMW polyethylene flights create positive flow and minimize friction and are easily replaceable.
Conveyor Cover Options, hip or flat conveyor cover options available.
Meeting Your Capacity Needs, capacities ranging from 1,000 BPH to 50,000 BPH.

Find The Sweet Spot With Our Premium Chain Conveyor Systems

Sweet Manufacturing’s entire team of engineers, technicians and customer service representatives work with you to build the ideal chain conveyor system that fits your company’s unique requirements from these conveyor types:

Flite Veyor® Flat Bottom Chain Conveyor

Flite-Veyor® Flat Bottom Chain Conveyor

Flite-Veyor® Flat Bottom Chain Conveyors are fully enclosed for dust-tight, quiet operation. Extra heavy chains feature UHMW polyethylene-faced flights for fast yet gentle movement of bulk materials. Choose from horizontal, incline, or low profile models to meet your system design needs.

Flite-Veyor® Round Bottom Chain Conveyor

Our galvanized G140 U.S. prime steel construction resists rust, corrosion, and costly maintenance, making our Flite-Veyor® Round Bottom Chain Conveyor the best value in the industry. Flite-Veyor® Round Bottoms feature a replaceable heavy-duty UHMW flight designed to minimize friction with no metal-to-metal contact utilizing the unique “U” trough, preventing cross-contamination from one run to the next.

Flite Veyor® Round Bottom Chain Conveyor

Our Process

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Submit an online request or call, and our Sales Representatives will connect you with an Authorized Sweet Dealer in your area. During the inquiry phase, we will provide estimated lead times.

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We work closely with our dealers to gather more information regarding the request & tailor a solution to meet your needs. During the quoting phase, we will provide an itemized quote, payment terms, and approval drawings upon request.


Your order will be processed once we receive your purchase order or signed estimate. After this process, if you require assistance to set up your equipment, our Authorized Sweet Dealer will work with you to coordinate installation.

Applications Across Industries

Sweet Manufacturing’s Flite-Veyor® Chain Conveyors find applications in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, food processing, feed manufacturing, seed handling, industrial manufacturing, and more. Whether you need to transfer bulk materials, handle delicate commodities, or streamline your production processes, our chain conveyors offer reliable and efficient material handling solutions

“We choose Sweet because they focus on delivering quality products and are dedicated to supporting their customers. They are a very responsible company that meets our deadlines, along with our expectations in quality and customer service. Additionally, their staff works to improve our capacities and our volumes regarding our systems to make them better.”

Jose Enrique Hernandez
SESEYA & UCAY Cooperative | Mexico