QUICK-KEY® Spool Belt Conveyors

Conquer tight spaces with a conveyor specially-designed for the job

Our Quick-Key® Spool Belt conveyors combine a unique formed rigid design made of galvanized G140 U.S. prime steel and a low profile height of 12″ to take advantage of a greater span potential where space is very limited.

And with lower horsepower requirements, easy assembly and installation, and minimum maintenance self cleaning frames, Quick-Key® could easily be the key to greater efficiency and productivity in your bulk material handling operation.


Belt Conveyors

Formed Channel
Belt Conveyors

Quick-Key® Spool
Belt Conveyors

Head Shaft & Lagged Pulley

Double Splice-Plate Frame

Minimum maintenance self-cleaning bolted frame

Squaring Diaphragm Plate

Used to ensure the frame is square.

Return Spool Idlers

5' standard.

Carrying Spool Idlers

2' standard and 1' optional centers.

Galvanized Formed Frame

Constructed out of galvanized G140 U.S. prime steel and features idler slots.

Quick-Key® Idler Slots

A proprietary design that enables easy swapping and maintenance.

Telescoping Take-Up

Features Pillow Block Bearings and is designed to enhance product clean-out.

Wing Tail Pulley

Outfitted with screw take-ups.

Conveyor Covers

Optional head, head box extension, trough, and tail covers.

Load Skirt

Optional, from 3’ to complete conveyor length.

Head Box Extension


Drive Torque Arm



Optional: belt scraper/brush.

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Compact Design with Quick-Change Idlers

Quick-Key® Belt Conveyors are uniquely designed, all-galvanized belt conveyors. They’re perfect for spaces with limited room with a low profile height of just 12 inches. The rigid construction offers greater span potential, while the quick-change key slots allow for flexible idler spacing. Our conveyors come in different belt widths and include spool idlers with sealed motor-grade ball bearings.

When Moving Bulk Material, Less Isn’t More

When Moving Bulk Material, Less Isn’t More

Less isn’t always more, especially when you have masses of bulk materials to move but only have limited space in which to work.

You need a QUICK-KEY® Spool Belt Conveyor from Sweet Manufacturing Company. Featuring flexibility by design, these belt conveyors are available with various belt widths and include spool idlers with sealed motor grade ball bearings. The system’s quick change key slots, spaced on one-foot increments, allows for any combination of idler spacings.

Unleash Efficiency in Compact Spaces

Experience the power of compact design and effortless configurability with Quick-Key® Spool Conveyors. These all-galvanized belt conveyors are engineered to optimize performance in tight spaces, boasting a low profile height of just 12 inches. Constructed with durable G140 U.S. prime steel, they are built to last and withstand the demands of industrial environments.

Low Profile Design with a 12-inch height, our Quick-Key Spool Conveyors are designed to fit seamlessly into spaces with limited room, maximizing operational efficiency
Quick-Change Idlers with key slots spaced in 12″ increments for easy maintenance and configurability
Unique Belt Configurations with idlers available in troughing or flat belt configurations
Spool Idlers feature sealed motor grade ball bearings
Built to Last constructed using galvanized G140 U.S. prime steel

Learn more about our Quick-Key® Spool Belt Conveyors by downloading our brochure, technical manual and additional information

Quick-Key® Spool Belt Conveyor BrochureBrochure
Quick-Key® Spool Belt Conveyor Brochure
Quick-Key® Spool Idler BrochureBrochure
Quick-Key® Spool Idler Brochure
Quick-Key® Spool Belt Conveyor Technical ManualManual
Quick-Key® Spool Belt Conveyor Technical Manual

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